Aerogel Series

Areogel Thermal Management


Swarin® aerogel fiber is a functional fiber made by blending and spinning aerogel nanopowders.

What is aerogel ?
Aerogel is a porous solid that looks like a frozen cloud of smoke. It can be used as an excellent insulator because air cannot easily diffuse through the complex, twisted pores.
The aerogel windbreaker with a thickness of 0.3cm is just as warm as a 4cm-thick down jacket.


  • Convection: When the diameters of pores in the aerogel material are smaller than 70mm, air molecules in pores cannot move freely but be attached relatively to pore walls. At that moment, the material is in a near vacuum state.
  • Radiation: Due to nanopores in the material and the extremely low bulk density of the material itself, the number of pore walls in the material tends to be “infinite”. The “infinite heat shield” effect, reduces the radiation heat transfer to nearly the lowest limit.
  • Heat conduction: Due to the nearly infinite nanopores, the heat flow in solids can only be transferred along the pore walls. The nearly infinite pore walls constitutes a nearly “infinitely long path” effect, which reduces the heat conduction of solids to nearly the lowest limit.


Thermal Insulation

Aerogel is known to be a solid material with the lowest thermal conductivity.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

It passed the SGS test without harmful substances; and the studies of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Organization for European Economic Cooperation demonstrated that: it is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and not absorptive by the skin, without adverse effects on human health

Aerogel Introduction

SEM Image of SiO2 Aerogel

Microscopic Image of SiO2 Aerogel

Diagram of Aerogel Formation