Mint Antibacterial Nylon

Mint CrushTM

What is Mint CrushTM Nylon?
Mint CrushTM yarn is a durable, antibacterial, and anti-odor nylon yarn with natural peppermint extract as the main effective component. It can resist the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses while maintaining the original chemical properties of nylon fiber.
How does Mint Crush TM Nylon Achieve antibacterial effects?
Mint CrushTM nylon achieves antibacterial effects mainly from the menthol, a natural peppermint extract used as yarn’s additive.
The antibacterial effect of menthol is connected with its chemical structure and biological activity. Menthol, one of the Monoterpene Alcohols, performs its antibacterial effect through various approaches with its unique chemical structure and biological activity.


Long-lasting antibacterial performance
The spinning mode of combing masterbatch with blending guarantees long-term functionality, which enables the antibacterial properties of final products to remain the same over time. It can still maintain the inhibition performance of broad-spectrum bacteria, fungi, and viruses after 50 washes.
Safe and effective ingredients

With natural peppermint as the active ingredient, it is safe, non-toxic, and free from any heavy metals.

Specialized heat-resisting formula
The heat-resisting property of natural plant ingredients can be improved by formulations processed by special techniques, thereby minimizing the loss of active ingredients due to the extrusion temperature and then maintaining satisfactory product performance.
Environment friendly
Originating from nature, the green and recyclable natural peppermint oil is used as the main active ingredient.

How does Mint CrushTM Yarn achieve antibacterial effects?

Masterbatch preparation

Natural peppermint oil, an active ingredient, is used as the effective component

Extruded through spinning

The stable yarn quality is ensured by matured and advanced blending yarn process

Spinning / Texturing / Post-Processing

Texturing process is available to produce variable yarn styles