Organic antibacterial deodorant series

Contact type: antibacterial
Main ingredients: polyterpenoid salt

Coolmous® Adopt polymeric organic antibacterial, Compared with low molecular organic antibacterial, it has higher performance, non-volatile, long service life, easy processing, easy storage and does not penetrate into human or animal skin. The antibacterial property of the antibacterial polymer is obtained by introducing an antibacterial functional group which can be introduced by homopolymerization or copolymerization of a functional group monomer, or can be introduced by grafting.


Material selection

Food grade organic polyterpene salt with high cost performance and higher safety factor

Grinding granulation

Special grinding process to make nano-sized powder masterbatch, greatly improving antibacterial effect


Advanced blending and spinning process to ensure yarn weaving, dyeing and finishing stability

Post processing

Special texturing process to impart a change in yarn style (elasticity, floral ash)


Precision bacteriostatic

The addition of polyterpenoid salts in the fiber provides a bacteriostatic function through physical contact antibacterial. The organic antibacterial fiber has a more precise, rapid and efficient inhibition effect against fungi and virus species, which is different from the broad-spectrum antibacterial of antibacterial fiber on the market. As people’s understanding of antibacterial deepens, broad-spectrum antibacterial is no longer a real demand of consumers. Consumers have come to realize that the broad-spectrum anti-bacterial indiscriminate sterilization method, while eliminating harmful bacteria, also inhibits the survival of beneficial bacteria that protect the human body.


Coolmous® The fiber kills bacteria by antibacterial, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and removes the odor caused by bacterial excretion, thereby achieving the function of deodorization.