Graphene Composite Yarn


The world's only IGCC certification

The world’s first and only IGCC certified
graphene oxide and graphene oxide
composite yarn

Single Layer

By means of copolymerization  and uniform dispersion, the spinning is more stable and the performance is stronger.

The cost control
Single-layer structure, 1‰ additive ratio can meet all functional requirements, cost more controllable, better spinning performance and higher quality.
Fine denier spinning
Better dispersion and lower additive ratio guarantee the spinnability of fine denier, and the yarn performance is more stable.


Far infrared care
Ultraviolet protection
Anion generation
Far infrared health care

The large benzene ring structure of graphene has strong infrared absorption in
the wavelength range of 5-15 microns, making it an ideal far-infrared
absorption material, as well as an ideal far-infrared radiation material.
Graphene functional fibers can absorb light and heat from the outside world
and convert it into beneficial radiation.

Graphene’s unique nanoscale edge, large specific surface area and surface functional groups can cut and wrap bacteria, catalyze the oxidative stress of bacteria, thus achieving the antibacterial effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. As an antimicrobial agent, it neither produces drug resistance nor poses a threat to the environment and human body like heavy metal ions
Negative ion Generation
As a piezoelectric material, graphene can release rich negative ions. Some of the anion fiber products on the market use materials that are mostly radioactive and can have a certain impact on the human body, while graphene fiber is safer and more environmentally friendly
The conjugated structure of the carbon atoms on graphene matches exactly the energy of the ultraviolet ray, thus effectively absorbing and shielding the ultraviolet ray. At the same time, the unique two-dimensional structure of graphene also makes it particularly effective in light shielding, with a very small amount of addition to obtain a good uv shielding effect.
Graphene can catalyze the oxidative stress of mites parasitic on human skin surface, thus effectively inhibiting the reproduction and growth of mites. At the same time, graphene yarn does not contain any anti-mite chemical preparation, safe and environmental protection, no stimulation to human body