Hygroscopic heat series

Moisture absorption: absorbing water vapor

Swarin® has a good breathability, and the hydrophilic groups in the fiber can quickly absorb the sweat from the body.

Generate heat: transforming heat

Swarin® combines the absorption of human sweat and water molecules in the sweat with hydrophilic molecules in the polymer molecule. The kinetic energy of the water molecules is reduced and converted into heat and released.

Test Principle

Textiles transform, absorb and store the moisture in the air, so that the energy in the material gathers, the temperature rises, and the energy exchange with the surrounding environment continues to reach a balanced state. Therefore, according to this characteristic, a certain area of the sample is placed under the action of a certain humidity and temperature, and the temperature rise of the material is measured to obtain the temperature rise curve of the material, and the highest temperature rise value and average of the fabric in 30 minutes are recorded. Indicators such as heating values reflect the moisture absorption and heating properties of the fabric.


FZ/T 73036—2010



wind velocity:0.2m/s~0.6m/


Generate heat

It is 4 degrees higher than the same type of ordinary fabric, which can convert human sweat into heat energy efficiently, thus achieving the effect of heating and heating.

Moisture absorption and quick drying

Swarin® has a high moisture regain, and the hydrophilic groups in the fiber can quickly absorb and remove water vapor and moisture to reach the effect of moisture absorption and quick drying.

Keep warm

Swarin® is a soft, warm, and fluffy fabric that maintains a comfortable body and temperature for longer.


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