Full Spectrum Heating

What Is Swarin®

Full spectrum heating fiber is a new functional fiber made by adding both light-absorbing and far-infrared heating functional powders to the fiber production process. It can absorb the radiation energy carried by the irradiance over the entire solar spectrum (including visible and invisible lights) and the infrared rays emitted by human body, convert them into heat energy and generate light-absorbing heat, so that the fabrics and fillings made of the fiber have the function of heating and keeping warm.


Material selection

Scientific selection of functional powder materials with the advantages of best performance and cost-efficiency

Grinding granulation

Special grinding processes to produce functional masterbatches that meet the needs of fiber production


The advanced blend spinning process can ensure the consistent yarn quality

Post processing

The special draw texturing process can change the yarn style (elastomeric, heather)


Light-absorbing Heating

It can reach a temperature 3-10°C higher than ordinary fabrics of the same category and efficiently convert light energy to heat energy, thus achieving the heating effect.

Far Infrared Heating

It can produce the “greenhouse effect” and prevent heat loss by absorbing and storing radiation of body heat and external radiance, and therefore have good thermal insulation effects.

Test Principles

GTT TM 044-2014

At a given light intensity, the conversion, absorption and storage of light and heat energies in textiles can accumulate energy and raise temperature in the material, and continuously exchange energy with the surrounding environment to finally reach an equilibrium state. Therefore, considering this feature, a certain area of specimen is placed under a given irradiation intensity. The temperature change of the fabric is measured to obtain the temperature rise curve of the material. Then, the temperature rise value and relative temperature difference of the two fabrics are compared to reflect the light absorption and heating performance of the fabrics.



Light time:20minutes

Spotlight:220V 450W


Molecules in the light-absorbing substances can absorb infrared light, and vibrate violently to raise temperature, thus converting light energy into heat energy.
Body heat is emitted and utilized as much as possible.

What Is Swarin® Full Spectrum Heating

Development Background

To reduce heat convection, heat evaporation, heat conduction

Existing Technology:

  • Heavy and thick clothing feels hot
  • Keeping warm is not easy
  • Only a single function is provided
The full spectrum heating fiber can actively absorb light and emit heat, as well as absorb radiation and far infrared rays
Market Demand:
  • Thermal but thin and breathable clothing
  • Maintenance of body warmth
  • Prevention against radiation and far infrared rays for better health
  • A wide range of heat sources, heating up quickly